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I have had the pleasure of breaking bread with some men who embody style, whose every aspect of their lives involve style.  For certain men it’s not about having their picture taken, it’s about sharing with the world a part of who they are.  Each opportunity I have to chat it up with men of style I am both humbled, and glad to be able to champion all elements of their style.  

While the world has plenty more men of style, I’m hard pressed to find as many under the same roof, thus I gathered them under 1 sky for something timeless - THE PHOTO.

Thank you gentlemen for your time, the world thanks you for you contributions.

Salvatore AmbrosiManuel Vanni, Devon Scott, Angel A Ramos, Axel Wilhelmsen Jr., Kalaf Angelo, Michael Whitby, Nick Wooster, Hirofumi Kurino, Sebastian Dollinger, Yasuto Kamoshita, Angelo Inglese, Luca Rubinacci, Axel Wilhelmsen Sr.,Angelo Flaccavento, Gianni Dal Cortivo, Lino Ieluzzi, Alessandro Squarzi, Filipo Matera, Alberto Scaccioni, Gianluca Cantaro, Marco Zambaldo

(Fonte:, via showroom-zambaldo)

Marco Zambaldo

Marco Zambaldo